Pursuing Our Dreams

Planning for the annual Stewardship campaign at Baldwin Community U.M.C. involved an effort to hear from the congregation members regarding our strengths, dreams and challenges.  The categories below summarize the responses in an attempt to focus our future efforts.




Your time, talent and gifts in support of these items will strengthen the mission and ministry of Baldwin Community U.M.C. 


COMMUNICATION is key to our life together as a faithful congregation.  Shared information among ourselves and to the community at large binds us in common cause and conveys our witness to our faith and commitments.  Bits and pieces of information effectively communicated undergirds our purpose and builds wholesome relationships among ourselves and the larger community.   Every aspect of communication is under review and renewal including bulletin announcements, newsletter, website, email, distribution of printed materials, use of social media, signage in the community, and more.  We have a call from God to communicate; God entrusts each and all of us to this task of shared life together.  Our communication is grounded in the ancient word—munus—a word that means a social bond; it is the root of communication but also of community, communion.  Our relationship with God and with one another can be found here.  Communication opens us to commune with God and neighbor.


WORSHIP touches the deepest dimension of our being; it leads us to the foundation of being human.  The types and diversity of worship experiences at Baldwin Community Church have been noted as part of our strength.  And yet we long for deeper and vibrant worship.   As the Psalmist exclaims, “My soul yearns, even faints, for the courts of the Lord; my heart and my flesh cry out for the living God” (Psalm 84).  Vital worship is captured in music and prayer, word and deeds---all in patterns that flow toward nothing less than recapitulation of God’s grace in Jesus Christ.  In our worship we give God praise and glory for all that God gives and promises to us.  We know that vibrant worship takes leadership---music leadership, pastoral leadership plus ushers, acolytes, greeters---everything in front of us and behind the scene that makes for a holy time.  And the most dynamic component in our worship time is the congregants, the ones in the pews whose ears and hearts are open, all those present in body and soul longing for a time with God.  Baldwin Community Church intends to continue and deepen the long tradition of vibrant worship through which we all grow spiritually.


Our congregation stresses the importance of our outreach in the community in the name of Christ.  The Lord’s Pantry, the connection with Eighth Avenue Place Ministries, mission trips for youth and adults point to a strong tradition of outreach.   Members desire an expansion of outreach expressed in personal testimony and hospitality and in the exploration and response to issues of social justice.  Virtually every national and world news headline touches or has impact on our neighborhood.  Whether it is immigration or addiction, racism or personal security and safety, civil rights or being faithful in a secular society, our congregation seeks to offer Christian witness through service and action.  God in Christ calls us to represent the Kingdom of God in our time. The risen Jesus says “As the Father has sent me, so I send you” (John 20:21).

 The presence of Baldwin Community U.M.C. and its members in this community makes it possible for us to be a community of faith, deepening our relationship to God and one another through communication, worship and outreach.  This emphasis is worthy of our wholehearted support.