Silver Seekers


Get off you seat and get on your feet,  By Dr. Bruce E. Bryce

 Initiative is defined as the first step in a process that once taken determines subsequent events.  Two of its synonyms are resourcefulness and ingenuity.

For more than fifty years, I have been able to get off of my seat and onto my feet to minister to the sick, the suffering, the dying and the grieving.  The time has come when my strength is failing and my mobility lessened.  I have fought a fight with cancer for nearly four years now and you know who is winning.

However, that does not mean that my ministry is at an end.  It is only taking on a new Initiative.  You may recall that seven or eight years ago I formed a team called “Silver Seekers.”  They are fifteen of the most dedicated, loving, and devoted members of this church.  They visit and minister to more than thirty shut-ins, those who belong to this church but who are unable to attend worship and other activities.

Every week our shut-ins receive a meditation along with a copy of the Sunday bulletin to help keep them involved in the worship and activities of their church.

YOU can join with us.  I want to recruit YOU to make a new Initiative and become ministers to the 5th Congregation, those who are shut-ins.  A card, a personal letter, or a visit can make those whom Jesus referred to as the “neglected” to be perceived as Him in their form.

If you are interested in contributing to this ministry or would like to know more, you can contact  Janise Daly, Silver Seeker Coordinator, at or at 412-897-8468.

How much time or effort can it take to make a lonely person’s day brighter?  Not much, but it will mean a lot to someone who is on the receiving end of your devotion, concern, and love.  Initiative…it’s a great word to characterize your time, talents, and service to Yahweh.