United Methodist Committee On Relief



  1. Pray for all those put in harm’s way and all those first responders and agencies activated to be of assistance in this disaster.


  1. Donate to UMCOR (United Methodist Committee on Relief). You can donate online at http://www.umcor.org/Search-for-Projects/Search-for-Projects  You may also donate by writing a check to “Baldwin Community United Methodist Church with a reference note for UMCOR US Disaster Response Advance # 901670 or for UMCOR Material Resources Advance #901440.  Place in collection plate or drop off in church office. 


  1. Donate items for Hygiene Kits and Cleaning Buckets. The UMC Eastbrook Mission Barn near New Castle is a collection point for UMCOR health kits and cleaning buckets.  As donations are received and kits verified, a truck will be filled and then sent from the Mission Barn to the closer distribution points to the disaster area.  Items needed are specific and listed separately.  Take special note of exact sizes of items.  The cleaning kits cannot exceed 66 pounds and must also fit in the 5-gallon container.  While super-size might be cheaper in some cases, the recipe for the kits must be followed to ensure proper assembly of the kits.  You can donate one item or several.  You can complete a full kit or bucket.  Whatever is donated will be of great help.

Donated items may be brought to the church to be delivered to the Mission Barn.  Please place items in marked bins and be sure lids are secure on any liquid items. 

Additional opportunities to help will be published as available.

Thank you for your faithful response to the call to be of service.